/Amazon Fire HD Tablet with Echo Show Mode – Echo Show Mode Without Dock

Amazon Fire HD Tablet with Echo Show Mode – Echo Show Mode Without Dock

Video: Amazon Fire HD Tablet with Echo Show Mode – Echo Show Mode Without Dock


Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in again. What I have here today is an Amazon Fire HD tablet. Now this is the 8 inch tablet here, but this video works with the 10 inch as well. What I'm going to show you is how to turn this device into an Amazon Echo Show, so I'm going to show you a couple of settings that you need to turn on, a couple things that you're going to need, and then you're able to use this as an Echo Show. Now what does that mean? I'm also going to show you some of the base functionality of an Echo Show versus just an Echo or the fire HD with Alexa on board, so let's get going.

On a previous video, I showed you how to get Alexa on your fire tablet. That was capable on 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th generation Fire tablets. What we're going to talk about today though is Show Mode, and what you will require is OS version or higher, and for Show Mode you will require the seventh generation Fire HD tablet. Now this can be either the HD 8, or the HD 10, it doesn't matter, and then I will show you later how to ensure that you get this mode working, you don't need the Show Mode charging dock that Amazon does sell. It's not a bad idea, I'm just saying you don't need it. One piece to let you know about, I'm actually in Canada, and so if you've imported one of these, what you can do is sign up for an Amazon account in the US, use a USA address, and obviously that's not going to allow you to sign up for some of their paid services, but this will get you show mode working, so that's a workaround for those of you not in the US, you know.

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First up, let me just show you with Alexa onboard you can see there's an Alexa hands-free setting that you can just turn on once you're at or greater on your Fire HD tablet. Once you've done, that you're going to be able to ask any of your regular questions. It's essentially another Amazon Echo. Watch Peppa Pig. Now switching over to Show Mode, let me show you how you get that on the device. First thing's first, you will need it plugged in, then turn it on, or make sure that it's on and pull down the menu from the top. Now what you'll see is a little slider at the bottom that says Show Mode on it. Now this all you have to do, is tap on it, and it instantly starts show mode. Now you'll notice the screen was still locked and it switched over to this, and it's basically a running set of items that you can ask or that you're prompted to ask your Fire HD tablet. What's the weather like? In East Anne, it's 68 degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies and Sun tonight, you can look for mostly clear skies with a low of 52 degrees.

Even after the HD tablet is done telling you about the weather, it does sit there and run through your next week of weather in your location. How many tablespoons in a cup? You can see the visual component that you get to this, it's just an image from Wikipedia, but it is a little addition that helps you visualize what's going on. Who is Scarlett Johanssen? Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is an American actress and singer. Now again we had a picture come in from Wikipedia, you could see the detail come in from the Fire HD tablet. Tell me a joke. What did one cupcake say to the other? You ain't seen muffin yet. After all that, like I said earlier in the video, you can see that the device literally sits there and runs through different things that you can ask, and it's showing you the latest news or videos or even audio clips that you can ask it about. If you do use the Alexa messaging service and the contacts, if you have those uploaded in the application, you can get those to show up here, and then you can use the visual capability to actually choose your contact as well.

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So I think that's a pretty good run through, obviously I'm not covering everything that an Echo Show is capable of, but here you have it, you can get this done with your Fire HD tablet..