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Hello everybody and thank much for watching in this video I'm going to show you the Android app called Adobe Rush And I believe Adobe rush at this moment is one of the best video editing apps you can get for your DeX for your Android it is a bit pricey, but If you approach the video editor and you want you need to edit videos on the go Adobe Rush is basically the best choice for you to Get a little bit rush on your deck station. There is a two ways you can do this You can go to a google play store and download from there, or you can go to Samsung Galaxy app store and download from that if you go 4-wire galaxy Android Samsung and Samsung galaxy App Store the app that you will download it will could be called Adobe rush for Samsung and with that app You have a promotion which is happening at this moment as I'm recording this video where you're paying a 6-pound something in the month instead of paying a full price, so Let's start.

I'll open the rush app so rush for samsung obviously in now a camera option to create a new project or just Press plus sign and keep going. So I'm gonna click and click new project and these four two videos two photos I just shorts yet before this video. So let's call this project death And obviously I can sync with my Creative Cloud if I have account if you have account You can create a you can single Creative Cloud and you have options to report photos videos device folder if you can go and find the video audio inside the device folder somewhere downloads folder or whatnot and Then obviously we can connect to a Dropbox and you can't pull from there. I try to do this via Dropbox, but Basically, I want to edit the video. So I need to open the rush Happen then go to Dropbox and then wait for video to be synced to the to the app and before can even edit So imagine if you shot something which is combined like 5 or 10 gigabytes of videos It's a bit I'm paying to wait until everything has been done loaded and ready for you to edit.

So and I Suggest you to note all the videos on the phone or one device first before even starting editing the videos So I had selected my four four shots These two one a number of one and number two our videos and four three and four are basically photos named eggs and click rate And that's what they're going to be end up in the timelines would be one two, three four so right now if I move the with the mouse as you can see, it can go between the timeline I have a look I try to find the The what is called the Quick quick quick keyboard shortcut key for getting into my phone just decided to be disconnected anyway for Basically zooming in and out which is not possible on the text Well, I couldn't figure out what a shortcut key to expand or reduce the snippet on the timeline But some of the shortcut keys I noticed first one is s S stands for split or slice S o sliced as you can see Li the video in in the portion So whenever you stop the press s and it just cuts in that position you when you press you as you can see, it's expands more and you see or more time lines here so you can have a main time line as you can see there is a Two of voiceovers and etc.

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Etc. So you can do the top right button. It basically takes everything back So I just redid it and I'm done all the cuts I don't know how to close that this goes by clicking you and nothing happening T. Yeah, if you press T, it gives your title option so you can add the title. So let me add title. I Think I need to click on bold So they delete this and call rush Not a problem Enter I think is caboose in and then I can move around and can place whatever I want inside the video they say wanna Somewhere I dunno top right corner. So that's that and let's have a look how it goes This is I'll get find that not a problem couple of amazing features that this app has and let me try to remember where to go isn't that this icon which is represents the audio and Now it says voice detectors this what this happened tries to detect what audio input this Is it the music or voice or other? So I have detective is me who's talking and the scaleless and it's just two sentences voice this fine reduce balance the sound so if a person that if the app will try to balance the Sounded and it's not gonna shit sounds so harsh.

So let's have a look Hello everybody and thank you much for watching this is the dopey rush Under tap on the decks Okay, not bad There's an option obviously to reduce the noise So if I click reduce the noise and leave it at 50 or two for that see what's going to happen Hello everybody and thank you very much for watching. This is the Adobe rush Under tap on the decks in this video you can be So well select this one and they forego two Other and it's not giving me option to reduce the noise Obviously or reduce the noise on the and the voice and what's in the music Auto duck, okay so only on side the voice option you can have the reduced noise, which is Not great. Anyway clip clip audio let's reduce that to someone six percent so all entire audience right now but it'd be very very quiet and Everything's fine. Just going through it Not a problem and then for plus those shots where they still shots and if you if you do the product reviews, etc Let's say you can insert the instead of titles You can insert a thing, which is called Under here inside these These two for twenty pages, you can see strange page if it was my cameras blocking anyway Inside here. There is an option like this So, let me see if I can add this one into my video Okay, so that's added so Next layer, okay.

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This is not great. This is not what I wanted Okay, let's add this one they see Yes next layer. I want to I want to add sort of like a pin which is directs you to two specific product Let me try this one it's called flashing call-out Okay Boom has been added. It says next text layer Okay, can you somehow reduce Okay, so I'll reduce this one Okay, let's call this I'm just trying some things. I tried editing a couple of my videos using this app. I used to to power director So this is all new to me. So it's obviously trial and error basically about these kind of apps Finally I did this one I can easily can play around I'm here not to teach not to teach how to edit videos I'm here just to show you that There is an app on add X which is that are good to editing videos if you know what you're doing and you are much Better than I am, okay What else transitions okay, they at the moment they give you on the free transition tip to white dip to black and cross dissolve So we're gonna we're gonna try cross dissolve and here and let's see how it goes on the decks fine I think P P for play and pause I think there's a space in the beginning but then I was clicking space in the field was walking So that's this this this obviously the wiki you can add the voiceover by clicking on here and allow audio So technically right now Should record my audio and hopefully you'll be able to hear it.

Okay? So let's have a look. How sounds decks should And hopefully you'll be able to hear it Not bad, obviously if I click on the audio go to all your settings I can reduce the noise if I want to and add the balance and reduce echo, 'there is no echo So let's have a look again on the decks should You be honest the audio end up with like small tweaks from actual phone microphone is not bad at all So I'm quite pretty happy with that and other things you can do obviously in this is what do all the color color correction So for dr e and as you can see that it's exposure contrast highlights and etc Which once you want to? You can tweak with them without the problem what I'm thinking about this app to be used is would be brilliant to be used with this kind of thing, which is We max it portable 30 monitor.

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I'm Gonna try actually use this app for a couple of days I'm a testicle monitor if I'll see that there is any included that improvements of usage and etc I'll might do another video just to cover that one But I can see that through the mouse and keep our obviously shortcut keys. That is that's great. It's just I Don't know is the is it feels? it's better than than some other Android video editing apps this I would say is slightly better than PowerDirector, but it's still Obviously, it's not a PC version. So do not expect everything brilliant on here. But to be honest is not bad again The mantra the monthly price, so let's say I Recorded this done. There's a click Share at the beginning they give you free Free free export for you to try so the quality settings. Let me quickly choose into 1080p 30fps file size estimation is 12 and 80 megabytes. That's fine If I am Anuj exporter, I'm gonna use one of these three three three three export tokens, but if I want to buy as you can see problem at a time Sam some customers pay is just six pounds 15 a month And very regular price will be seven pounds and it's 69 so far 70, so, okay even if it's better, I cannot see myself using this day to day because everything what I need to use The power director is it does for me? Okay, there is no fancy the audio noise reduction in etc, etc but then I Don't know.

It's just if you're professionally you editing a lot of videos and you already have a door be cloudy counted etc Adobe Rush program. I've believe this including you account. I don't know you need to double-check that with with a Dobby So just for ordinary person spending nearly eight pounds a month for the video editing app Which lets in me? I might use it Just a handful of times a month five. Maybe six So to edit a video basically end up Island of Spain spending one pound ish Per video for editing when power director paid 10 pence on sale And I'm using still no I stopped using high master because they increase the price. So anyway, I'm blabbing away and see you go I don't be rushed available on the decks if you go away play store you get one version if you go by Samsung Galaxy store, you get another version sort of the versions.

I exactly same just the promotion's are different So obviously you are if you watching this video You are the text user. So going to the Galaxy store doesn't only have free expose to try Go play around let the no comment section below what you think and I'll do another video Like I said when I'm stopped, but I'll use this app of the touchscreen for couple of times since it was going to happen Thank you guys for watching and goodbye.