/A Step-by-Step Video Guide to Short Code Provisioning

A Step-by-Step Video Guide to Short Code Provisioning

Video: A Step-by-Step Video Guide to Short Code Provisioning


I’m Derek Johnson with tatango.com, and I’m answering the question, “What is short code provisioning?” So, first off, lets start with what is a short code? A short code is a five to six-digit phone number, that is used by brands to communicate to their customers. Something like, 12345. That’s a short code. So, when a brand wants to get a short code, they can buy the short code. They actually lease the short code. They lease the short code, but during the lease, when they originally lease it, they’re actually just getting access to the phone number. That phone number is not actually connected to any of the wireless carriers, therefore they can’t send messages to their customers because the messages have to go through the wireless carrier, to get to their customers.

So to do that, to activate the phone number, the short code on each of the wireless carriers, so that they can send messages to their customers, they have to go through what is called in our industry, Short Code Provisioning. Short code provisioning, it sounds pretty complex but it’s not. It pretty much requires the brand to fill a lot of paper work to let the wireless carriers know how the short code is gonna be used. Because, at the end of the day, while, you know, the brand has a bunch of customers out here that they wanna communicate to, the customers are also customers of all the wireless carriers, and the wireless carriers have to look out for those customers. They wanna make sure that the brand is using their network appropriately. So, when a brand fills out all this information, they’re going to tell wireless carriers how they’re using the short code, where a consumer can go for support if they have issues.

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What’s gonna happen when they text “help” or “stop.” How are they gonna opt in all of those different things? Even compliance contact information, so, if there is an issue, who does the carriers contact at the brand about the issue. All those things are submitted into a document to each of the wireless carriers. And then each of the wireless carriers will go through and approve the short code for their network. So, during the short code process, the provisioning process, you have to go to each of the wireless carriers and get their blessing to use their network. Once you go through the entire short code provisioning process, and you’re activated on all the wireless networks, then the brand can now send messages to all their customers no matter what wireless carrier they’re using.

And that answers the question, “What is short code provisioning?”.