/7 Fitur Android yang wajib kamu nonaktifkan agar Android makin mantap !!!

7 Fitur Android yang wajib kamu nonaktifkan agar Android makin mantap !!!

Video: 7 Fitur Android yang wajib kamu nonaktifkan agar Android makin mantap !!!


Hi, friends, see me again on the Android Newbie ID channel This time I will share tips and tricks importantly, the features of Android that should be disabled for new Androids and for older Androids why do I say these tips and tricks are important? because this is very influential on the performance of Android … and your personal data If you want to know what features you need to disable, watch this video But before I continue, if you haven't subscribed to this channel, please click the Subscribe button also activate the bell, so you don't miss the latest video from me and help share to your social media, as a form of support for me making the latest video I continue I will explain why the feature must be disabled, and how to disable it the first to disable bloatware or the default Android application that is not used like Google photos, Hangouts, Play Music, Play Movies and other Android default apps .

.. which is not useful for you by disabling bloatware can improve system memory and not interfere with the performance of Android if it's not disabled, bloatware will continue to run on the Android background how to disable it can be from the application icon press and hold the app icon, and then click disable or disable via the Android application manager open Android Settings find application manager look for bloatware for example the Play Music application click Google Play Music, then click Disable this is a bloatware that I have disabled or disable bloatware to your liking the second deactivates Google's automatic synchronization or Gmail account on Android if you don't disable synchronization, Android keeps sending data to your Google account and it pretty much spent the internet data usage and battery Android how to disable it, open the Android Settings find Google account then deactivate all Android synchronization to Google account now automatic synchronization of Google accounts on my Android is not active if you want to open an incoming email, just refresh your Gmail account then a new email will enter your Gmail the third one deactivates the transition effects and Android animation by deactivating the transition effects and Android animation, your Android's performance is faster especially for low-end Android or Android with small RAM how to activate the Android developer option open Android Settings find the About device menu or About mobile click Information software click version number 7 times The developer mode has been activated open developer options that have been active usually located in the bottom setting menu scroll down, find the scale of animation and scale of transition this is the scale of the animation window, the scale of the transition animation and the duration scale of the animator open one by one then change to inactive animation now the Android animation transition is faster the fourth one disables automatic application updates by disabling automatic updates of applications can save the use of internal memory and internet data later you can manually select important applications that need to be updated how to, open the Play Store click line 3 in the upper left corner find settings Click Update application automatically select Don't update the application automatically later you can manually select the application you want to update the fifth deactivates automatic brightness because the automatic brightness feature consumes a lot of Android battery usage I recommend manually setting screen brightness to save on Android battery usage the sixth deactivate Android location / GPS services if you are not in need of a GPS, you should just deactivate it to save on Android battery usage and maintain privacy so that your location is not easily tracked by others the seventh deactivates sound and vibrate use voice and vibrate on Android for the important things such as call ringtones, SMS tones and messaging application notifications I am a little uncomfortable with the sound and vibrate on the keyboard when typing, I always disable this feature how to deactivate unnecessary noise and vibrations, open Android Settings find the sound menu and vibrate then deactivate the sound and vibration that you don't use like screen lock sound, touch sound, charging sound, Other keyboard and sound sounds according to your needs Thus the tips and tricks from me this time, hopefully useful if you like this video, give it your likes if anyone doesn't understand, please write in the comments column Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.

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