/2019 Toyota Rav4 Trail How to Use the Audio System

2019 Toyota Rav4 Trail How to Use the Audio System

Video: 2019 Toyota Rav4 Trail How to Use the Audio System


All right so we're going to talk about the new Rav4 2019 audio system now this is going to be very similar to what you're going to find in the Sienna's and Highlanders going forward…when you're on your home screen…. now this is the trail edition so it doesn't have the integrated navigation system in it so it runs off scout GPS through Entune so when you're looking here on your home screen you can you'll have your average fuel economy and things like that on there with your distance till empty when the cars on. When your Bluetooth is hooked up you can add a separate contact through there and then you'll have what musics playing just on the right hand side there and in this case we have the Sirius XM.

When you hit your audio button you're gonna find AM/FM, slacker radio, bluetooth audio, all of that standard on this model and then you're also going to see you have NPR one if you like radio broadcasts and when you hit Sirius XM replay or SXM replay you can rewind up to 60 minutes and as you look through you can actually skip through the different songs that would have been playing on that because we have on the preview channel here where it'll presets and we're just going to change that channel to which you'll have music now if you set any radio preset from Sirius XM it will actually record up to 60 minutes on that channel while you're driving so you can actually switch between your XM radio channels and it'll have pre recorded up to 60 minutes as long as it's been on that channel as one of your radio presets now when you're looking here you have sound midbass travel you have all your presets source pretty simple to use that way under menu you're gonna find a few things like you can go back to your audio button almost a lot of what you're gonna find on the outside through that menu button you can pair your phone you can hit access your apps which will have your Scout GPS Locker radio Yelp fuel sports weather as well as stocks if you want to add any stocks in that to info will show you vehicle history alerts and you can go into your eco mode which is your fuel economy distance till empty and your history on the car there too and then under projection if you do have an iPhone that is where you're going to go in and connect your iPhone to do the USB iPhone connection now for that to work your iPhone will have to be hooked down in the data cable connection just underneath but when you're up top they don't have unfortunately a Android auto quite yet but we're hoping that gets out it soon now under set up general you'll have where you can turn apple carplay on so if you find your apple carplay not working that's where it is there's driver settings which will enable if you enable that whatever drivers bonus paired it'll chain your preset language colors radio presets all of that will be in there too you can update the software if for whatever reason you do have an issue with your vehicle whether it's not connecting end to and it's not doing anything go into here delete your personal data it resets and removes any software updates and everything in the system to and well hopefully 9 out of 10 times reboots it back to factory and will work again no problems now you can connect your Bluetooth through here at additional devices you'll have your audio settings phone settings where you can adjust if you don't want certain notifications to pop up or certain contacts or messaging voice settings so if you want to turn off there's a tutorial and you can train the voice recognition tutorial or training it will get you to read ten freezes and it'll change how the system actually listens and understands your voice especially if you have an accent of any kind especially apparently a Canadian accent is a thing oh and then there's the tutorial where they'll actually walk you through if you have questions about how to make and receive calls to Paul first make sure you have a Bluetooth connection look he'll walk you through actually all of those things in there – it's almost a little tutorial on how to use the audio system and then as you go down if the vehicles on this will be able to push now in that setting is where you're gonna find your door lock settings you're gonna find and actually I'm going to turn it on your vehicle customization will be in there too so under their door lock settings will let you change the like if your when you grab the driver handle or push unlock ones only the driver door opens here it'll actually under door lock settings let you change it so all the doors open climate settings if you don't want automatic air-conditioning turn on lights and convenient services there too are all in that setting and then you have your into not sweeps wet settings which will automatically connect your USB and enhanced mode and a few things like that now under map if your phone is connected into that data cable you're gonna find this your honor Naville actually show up with the map in it then you can select search location and actually type the location out and it'll work out automatically so you just hit here type in the location and it'll work quick and simple that way now again when you hit apps you can hit your Yelp settings if anybody's phoning it pops up to tell you that – in current location gas restaurants and then well under phone yeah under phone you'll have access all your contacts and everything will also be entered into there and you can remove and add it but I won't because all my contacts are in there now if you have any questions about this or any other videos you can please like and subscribe below I'd love to answer it if you see anything you have any questions about how to use something on here I'm one of the technology experts with Toyota as well just simply ask it below and I can help you or do another video on it there thanks for watching it's Mike Linderman.

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