/2019 Mercedes A-Class Sedan: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Smallest Benz is a Tech Giant!

2019 Mercedes A-Class Sedan: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Smallest Benz is a Tech Giant!

Video: 2019 Mercedes A-Class Sedan: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Smallest Benz is a Tech Giant!


What's going on YouTube Now you all have been asking for more German vehicles for a very long time But today the wait is finally over So we are thrilled to announce that we have now added Mercedes Benz to our portfolio and to start things off We have their newest most affordable and arguably most technologically advanced product the a-class Now before we go any further We do want to specially thank our new friends at James Motor Company in Lexington for letting us check out this highly optioned a-class and if you're the market for any new Mercedes product Be sure to stop by their gorgeous showroom or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description So with all that said let's see if the most affordable bends still gives you a great luxury experience So getting started here at the exterior the a-class is one of the very first Mercedes products to get the newest evolution in their design language that means up front we have a more aggressive look with a wide grille and slanted angular headlights Now as far as the grill itself this is actually the less aggressive design in the base progressive model However, if you choose the AMG line you get the diamond block grille as well as larger and more angular openings on the lower fascia Turning to the headlights they stay the same no matter which design group you choose so they will always be this full LED setup You can however still add active cornering lamps in the exterior lighting package Now moving on to the side this is really the only area where you reminded just how small the vehicle is It measures in at 179.

1 inches long, which is a little over three inches shorter than the current Mercedes CLA however, I will say that the more upright shape of the body does wonders for interior space as we'll see a little later in the video. A then heading around to the rear it again has the latest design language where the taillights are more horizontal versus what you'll find in the rest of the Mercedes sedan lineup and Of course, they are fully LED as well Finally down at the bottom you have dual horizontal exhaust outlets to set things off But overall, I think Mercedes has done a great job with the a-classes exterior It's often very difficult to make a small vehicle look good, but I think they've accomplished that here Now another big aspect of the styling are the wheels and you've got plenty of options to choose from These are the optional 18-inch five-spoke contrast alloys that replace the base model 17-inch alloys Additionally when you choose the AMG line that opens you up to four more options a light or dark 18-inch AMG five-spoke, alloy or a light or dark 19-inch AMG multi-spoke alloy Next up we've got the mirrors which are always heated.

And with the Premium Package are also auto dimming and power folding Additionally, we have the optional blind spot monitoring system for 550 bucks And since we're on the topic of safety, let's talk about all the advanced safety systems that you can get on this car Mercedes did not skimp here just because this is their cheapest vehicle so all models come with automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection and then further adding the drivers assistance package gives you active Lane Keeping Assist and active blind spot monitoring which can both steer you out of harm's way as well as the really neat semi autonomous driving system called Active Distance Assist Distronic and What that does is basically just allow you to relax a little on your commute though You do still need to keep your hands on the wheel And finally the last thing to mention here on the outside is the 13.5 gallon fuel tank which is good for 378 miles of range on premium unleaded fuel But anyways, that's it for the outside so now let's get to the real highlight of the vehicle which is the high-tech cabin So our version of the a-class just comes standard with this nice Mercedes key fob which even has real metal trim down here on the bottom Now the actual smart entry system, that is optional in the a-class However, you do get remote start and that comes via the MercedesMe app And then of course to get inside the vehicle all you have to do is grab behind the handle and there is a sensor to unlock it and When you do you'll also notice the power folding mirrors come out So checking out the cabin of the new a-class as you can see it really makes a strong first impression Now, of course in typical Mercedes fashion, you can change out just about every piece of this cabin So starting out with your standard Mb-tex seats as which is what we have that is a synthetic leather and we have it in macchiato beige But you could also get black neva gray or black with suede inserts, if you go for the AMG line You can also choose to go with full other seats and they come in black Bahia Brown, classic red or titanium gray and Then if you turn over to the trim, there are four different types of trims You can get you can get two different types of aluminum on the standard model, or you can get the optional black Linden wood, Which is what we have, or a brown walnut Turning over here to your door trim, it is beautifully finished You have a nice leather material all through the armrest area with a color contrast stitching And then above that you got some more of this beautiful open core wood trim As far as your windows they are naturally all four fully automatic And then of course in typical Mercedes fashion you do have your door mounted seat controls and these are really nice seats They're actually twelve Way power adjusting with four-way lumbar support as well As this three-person memory as standard equipment as particularly impressive for this class You also notice we have the optional heated seats and you can also add optional ventilation or what as well And down here on the actual seat itself This is your lumbar support and it is also worth noting that you have a manual thigh extention feature as well Now one other thing I want to point out about this seat is that there is an available multi-contour seating package and that basically gives you a few more ways of adjustment as Well as includes a feature called seating kinetics and what this does is basically just make small adjustments to various parts of the seat a little bit at a time to More or less ward off fatigue on a long drive And then like I already mentioned this is the mb-tex synthetic leather, however, it has a really realistic feel I doubt Most people would be able to notice the difference from real leather So like I said at first glance around this cabin It certainly makes a strong first impression and nothing in here will make you think of entry level That definitely does apply to the material selection as well So you have a nice soft touch plastic across all the upper – and then dropping down to the middle part you've got more of this beautiful open pore wood which basically flows all Continuously onto the door trim as well as back behind that screen and out the other side As far as your middle portion you do have this light nice off perforated leather material And then down below you've got some piano black trim and everything does fit together really really nicely And of course you do have standard push-button start When you press it, you will notice the really impressive all new in bu X system fire up Now in the 8th class you do have a standard dual seven-inch display setup However, we have the optional 10.

25 inch dual displays and we'll get into all this a little bit later in the video it's really really a comprehensive system and this is the first Mercedes to get it Now checking out the gauges over here themselves they are of course highly highly customizable and It's kind of difficult to distinguish really between this side and this side says it's all part of one cohesive MBUX system However, I'll do my best to cover some of the features that are about just these gauges So the controls for the drivers display are located here on the left side You've got your home button a back button and then basically a touch slider this is how you navigate through the system now What you'll see is you've got three zones You got your speedometer zone the middle zone and the tachometer zone and all three of these are customizable So if I start swiping through here you can see I can change all these designs and go to different lots of different types of information like Radio and stuff like that, or I can of course stick with the traditional tag Which the default now if I swipe back over to the right I'm in the middle And I can go through here and pull up a bunch of other types of information And then if I swipe over to this side Same deal.

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I've got different set of information So as you can see each one of these zones can be customized to whatever your heart desires Now additionally I can go down here to the bottom part and click on the Display button This is where I can change the entire display As you can see now we've got an energy consumption bar And then furthermore we have another layer of information that we can go between so you can change what appears in the center So we can use extra navigation functions and when you hit full screen Then you now have the giant fullscreen map here So in a similar way to Audi's virtual cockpit now You can have the map take up most of your gauges which is directly in front of your line of vision And you can additionally have it up in the main display as well And we don't have it but additionally you could have an optional head-up display But anyways coming back to the steering wheel itself You do have electric power steering here and you will always find a nice leather wrap steering wheel It can also be flat bottom if you go for the AMG line Now as far as the buttons themselves, like I was going over these have to do with your gauge displays I'm gonna point out.

They're all a really really nice metal feeling as well Then on this side these have to do with your main display and this goes as part of the system Which I'll get into this a little later in the video, but how you have multiple tiers of control for each display? And then you do have your traditional phone voice and audio controls Back behind the shifter you will notice you have standard paddle shifters and The steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping and you can also add heating as an option Now in typical mercedes-benz fashion you do have the column mounted stock shifter so It's very simple to use all you just press down for your drive and you can't shift manually with these paddle shifters reverse is located all the way up at the top and Then when you do put it the car into reverse you'll see these standard backup camera with active trajectory fire up now there is also a surround vision 360-degree camera system with auto parking abilities and That is available in your parking assistance package. However, we don't have that And then for Park, all you're gonna do is just press the end of the stalk Now moving on to interior storage, this is very important for a small vehicle and the Mercedes a-class definitely excels So starting out over here with your center console you've got the dual opening armrest And as you can see, it's actually really deep in there And of course it is finished nicely where they felt lining you also notice.

You've got two USB type-c ports in there as well Up in front of that, you've got two adjustable cup holders as well as another really big area with plenty of space to set a phone and the bottom of that is actually a wireless phone charger as well and then you find another USB type-c port right here. In case you're wondering if you've got a traditional device with a traditional USB port The Mercedes does supply a adapter So you can still use these type C ports. Alrighty, now that brings us back here to this area The main part of this is a new trackpad interface So you can control the MBU X system, but you also notice some buttons off to the side this really nice metal toggle here actually pulls up your drive modes as you can see you've got three different modes as well as an individual mode where you can just tailor the various parts of the car to your taste and Then this button here does a similar thing but for the safety systems All right now coming over here to the audio system I actually could not find information on what how many speakers and how many watts the standard sound system has However, I do know there is an optional 590 watt 12 speaker Burmaster premium audio system However, we have the standard audio system, but we'll go ahead and take a listen to that Sound quality is actually very impressive for a base sound system, but Anyways the next step up here will bring us to the climate controls Now, you know This is the standard dual zone automatic setup all of the eight classes come with this as you can see You've got these really nice metal buttons and toggles to control all the various functions When you make adjustments they do show up on this top display as well and Another neat feature of the system is that you'll see when you adjust the temperature up You have a red ambient light on the vents and when you adjust it down the vents turn Blue so that's a very cool touch and really goes well with all the other ambient lighting in this vehicle This one particularly has the 64 color Ambient lighting so you can do split colors and a bunch of cool stuff just like you can the a-class, I mean s-class excuse me, so Really really neat looking especially as it gets dark here But anyways that brings us up to the MBU X system, which is definitely the big highlight of the car So let's go ahead and dig into that So, like I said, this is a all new system totally unrelated to the old command system And it's got a lot of differences Basically, it's got a lot of processing power and it now has an AI feature that basically learns from what you do As well as what other people with this system do so over time.

It's gonna get smarter and smarter now one of the biggest changes for this system versus command is That you've got four input methods for ways to control the system Down here at the bottom. You've got this trackpad, which I pointed out earlier and this you just swipe across to Go to various things and you have a home button back button and all that stuff That's similar to what you had before However, the screen itself now is a touch display Of course, as you know in previous Ger–, most German vehicles, you could not touch this play ever But now we have a touch display. So everything can be done right like that The third and fourth thing are located over here on the steering wheel the right side this pad here also controls that screen so you can You're able to do various functions over there without taking your hand off the steering wheel And then finally the last thing is your voice commands, which we'll get into in a minute, but they're incredibly intelligent Now of course this is my first time with the system So I'm gonna try to show you as much things as I can but it is a very Detailed and very sophisticated system, so I'll probably miss a few things But I'll start off here on the home screen Basically, you've got your apps and they're laid out across the top.

You just swipe through them Using like I said the trackpad or the touch display So getting over here with our first app we have phone so I can tap right into that you'll bring me to First of all my contacts; these automatically synced over from my smart phone And then you've got different functions like your traditional dial pad and whatnot Now I do want to mention just how sharp the graphics are The may not come through on camera, but the graphics are incredibly sharp Probably the sharpest I've ever seen in a vehicle and you have really sophisticated animations that are all very very smooth because of the fact that it has a six core Nvidia processor and eight gigs of RAM, so you're talking about full computer processing here Right now jump me over to our next section. We have navigation Now you click into this as you can see, I'm on a 3d map and I can pinch to zoom right here on the pad Or of course on the display Navigation is optional in the a-class But the other cool thing that it comes with is an augmented reality Navigation now, we'll go through this a little later in the test-drive But basically as you come up to a turn or whatever on your navigation route A live feed will pop up on here and it will overlay arrows and street names and house numbers onto the actual Building or whatever as you go past it.

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So that's something we've never seen in any type of vehicle you You do have your Mercedes me stuff from your app on your phone But the most important thing in here is your smart phone. This is where you can connect To the USB for either Android auto or apple carplay both are standard Regardless of whether you get the big display or these smaller seven-inch display Now that is just the first layer you Actually swipe up and you go to the second tier here this is where I can change the Different themes or save a custom theme if I make some type of configuration that I want to keep So you've got different things like lounge And and that does impact the gauge cluster as well. So you'll see we've gone into a very minimalist view For the gauges, we'll go ahead and select another one and see what how that impacts. It will try experience So we have kind of this sport gauges the yellow theme there and we go to a performance gauge on the main display Like a smartphone you do have a notification shade where things can pop up You've also got a search bar as you know this system could you know take a little getting used to at first if you're used to the older command system so you can search the system throughout the vehicle or use voice commands and now that brings me to the voice commands, which is probably the biggest feature of this vehicles technology and The main thing is that it responds to natural language So you should be able to just talk to it In a regular way, you don't have to memorize these those set Phrases that are used to memorizing and other vehicles and it does have its own phrase Like your Amazon Alexa or Google home.

That's all you have to do is say "hey Mercedes" "How can I help you?" It begins listening to you. I'm cold I'm setting the temperature to a 79 degrees So when you say things like I'm cold I'm hot That changes the temperature up by increments of 5 degrees or you could tell it something specific like 80 degrees So we'll try another one. This one's pretty cool. Hey Mercedes Who can I help you? Close the moonroof. I'm closing the Roller sun blind on this sliding sunroof So as you can see you have full control over all the vehicle functions You can do this the same thing for like headlights and lighting and things like that. So it's a really slick system so anyways, that's all I'm going to talk about here with the Brand new MBUX system, of course. Like I said, this is extremely Detailed and comprehensive system and we'll go back and make a dedicated tech help video available For those of you who want to learn more about this system Then moving on up here You do have an auto-dimming mirror when you choose the premium package and then you can further add these home link universal remotes And then one really nice feature you have is a standard panoramic move on every a-class So as you can see this glass covers most of the roof I'm not gonna open it up here because obviously it is raining but it's a very impressive feature to have on a entry level Mercedes But overall, it's hard not to be impressed by the a classes cabin I mean this vehicle has features that are not even on the s-class yet And as you can see is really no part of the cabin feels entry level You have a ton of luxury and Technology features.

So this very much is still a high-class very sophisticated Mercedes When anyways now go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish out the rest of the camp All right, so heading into the back of the all-new 2019 a class You're gonna find a really large amount of space for such a small vehicle The technical rating is thirty three point nine inches of rear legroom and thirty-seven point two inches of rear headroom And that is almost two inches bigger than most of the rivals in terms of headroom So that's something you'll definitely appreciate it such a small vehicle Now turning over to the door trim Mercedes doesn't mess around. So I do have leather wrapping across almost all of it It is also color contrast stitching here and it is even a soft edge plastic at the top Additionally your rear window is fully automatic. You do. Have a nice metal door hanger Now let's see that self is a really nice design So it's really comfortable and it also has kind of a bucket designed to it and also color contrast stitching Now in the center the a-class will find some standard features So they all will have these nicer events Which is definitely not a given in this class and down below that we will also find two two charging USB ports So these are actually the USB type sees and you do have an adapter if you have a regular one Now off to the side you do have a little bit of a storage area as well And in addition to that you do have a center armrest Does fold down nicely so they're wrapped and in the end you have to pop out cupholders Up top you'll definitely appreciate how much Headroom this car has as well as the really nice headliner and a nice fading in LED light Now as far as where space is concerned behind Drew's driving position I still have about four to five inches of your legroom Okay, my feet can easily slide up under the seat, which is really impressive for a vehicle like this Now you can know what to see all the way back obviously I'm not gonna have too much room, but that's definitely expected for the class and it's really not too bad overall But summed up I'm really impressed by the all-new eight classes rear seat It really doesn't seem like they skimped out on a lot of the features that some of the rivals do and it's very comfortable overall And has plenty of space which is really all you're looking for Now coming to the trunk of the a-class you will notice that has a really nice feature on the premium package notice and That feature is the hands-free releasing.

So just wave your foot under the bumper It does open right up and because of the dampening it opens all the way up. So it's almost like a power trunk Inside the trunk, you're gonna find 8.6 cubic feet of space, which is a little bit smaller than the Audi a3 and Acura ILX Mercedes does finish there really nicely back here. However, so under the floor You do have a little area for storage as well as a fix-a-flat kit and the seats themselves do fold 40/20/40 split so just grab this little handle And it will release it and then if you go over to the side here it can fold down It's like I said You just release it and it will fold right down and if the seat wasn't scooted all the way back It does fold down completely flat for plenty of storage areas And coming over here to the passenger seat Mercedes didn't skimp out so you have this beautiful design with color contrast stitching and It is also power adjusting and it's controlled over here on the door and typical Mercedes fashioned Now in addition to that you will also find three person memory seats, which I'm pretty sure is that class exclusive feature The materials are also quite impressive in the a-class So in front of the passenger we have this nice perforated design here as well as a soft touch dashboard and some wood trim Now down below that we do also have a really nicely finished glovebox It does have some lighting back in there and it's also very good sized On top We have a Sun Visor with an LED light and mirror and it does also detach and it does not have an extension yet But anyway guys that sums up the rear areas of the all-new a-class So now let's go ahead and get to the powertrain and take it on a quick test drive All righty, so now let's go ahead and talk about the power trains Now this vehicle it comes in one form, it's the a 220 which is a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder 188 horsepower and 221 pounds of torque Now in Europe as well as some other countries there is a 250 version but we don't have that here in the US As far as the transmission you're gonna have a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic Transmission and that will be paired with standard front-wheel drive or optional torque vectoring 4matic all-wheel drive, which is what we have And regardless of which one you choose you're gonna have a 0-60 of 7.

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1 seconds, which is right in line with what the competition does And then lastly for your fuel economy, you actually have the same combined rating for both the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions They're both going to come in at 28 combined Though the all-wheel drive version gets one mpg better in the city, but then one mpg less on the highway Interesting and that does match exactly with the main rivals Already then. So now let's go ahead and take it for a quick test drive Of course you do have a tight turning circle since this is a compact city car Just getting underway here I can already tell right off the bat that power feels really quite good We have an auto start/stop system, so we'll see how quickly it restarts here very quickly very smooth And just from driving around in the parking lot here This is a pretty active auto start/stop system, which is why it probably gets as good a fuel economy as it does So it will be activating quite a bit, but you can deactivate it if you don't like it by just pushing this button here So that's a nice thing for Mercedes, but it's certainly not something that intrudes We're getting underway here I have to say right off the bat.

I'm impressed by how smooth and quiet it is in the cabin We're just cruising down the road here about 40 miles an hour And I can hear I mean, it's really really quiet and it's even wet roads outside right now So that normally makes it even louder and wow. This is a very very impressive right quality in here It's something you really don't expect from a car this small a lot of times Cars, you know in this class maybe sacrifice the right quality and stuff because of its size But it doesn't seem to be the case with this A class And also, the acceleration for those of you are worried about the 188 horsepower figure Mercedes has worked their magic here. That's not a super high Horsepower output of course, but the acceleration definitely doesn't feel like 188 or now. I definitely does not What can I do for you? Now you'll see throughout the review that's going to be activating quite a lot Just because it's thing is hey Mercedes and We keep saying Mercedes. Yes, when you say that. Sometimes it gets confused But of course in everyday living with the vehicle You're not gonna experience that unless you just love to talk about your car a lot – No, no, probably not So as you can see our augmented reality thing is coming up we have these street names that pop up And as you can see, wow, we have an arrow right there that has a live stream of where we're at.

So this is That is so cool. This is next-level This is this is wild I read about it, but I have to say experiencing this in person Yeah, it's pretty that is really unbelievable All And while we're sitting here at this red light will mention if you get that AMG line model It does have the direct steering system, which is just basically speed variable Fully adaptive and we do have three different suspension setups on the a-class So it's nice to see Mercedes doesn't lock you into one of them even though this is their cheapest model So right now what we have is the standard comfort suspension but if you get the AMG line You have the lowered comfort suspension and there is also an adaptive damping suspension available for a hundred fifty bucks right in basically that would just work in with your drive modes so that you would be able to Change different settings of you know, I want it sporty or and tighter or you know looser more comfortable Now turn left I Really can't get over how cool this augmented reality thing is That is just so crazy I've never really I mean was not in any other vehicle is why I've never seen it before but it is so I When I heard about it, I had a hard time imagining how that would work in practice on my augmented reality But this is this is this is the first car That we've seen augmented reality actually used And I think it actually is a genuinely useful Feature.

It is not a Gimmicky type of feature. This is something that I really think will make your navigating easier because you've got the visual Component and when we were in this way the arrow is to pop up and move as you as you could go because sometimes certain intersections can be confusing and you may Turn onto a nearby road for instance And this is going to give you an arrow that points you right in exactly the right and in addition to that, you know When we were in the neighborhood it put the road like their street number on the house So if you were going to like a friend's house or something, you didn't know exactly which house is which It had that specific house labeled So that it is just very useful So taking off I want to talk about the DCT now This is a really smooth transmission You know Old-school DCT is kind of have that thing where they're kind of rough Can get jarred and easily thrown off But this car is pretty good Definitely when you're up here up and moving it shifts through gears Lightning fast and you can't feel them at all.

There's none of that Roughness that like I said that older car is used to exhibit But overall To say I'm impressed by this vehicle would be an understatement It really just seems like an overall great package. You know, you quickly forget I think When you're experiencing this vehicle that this is the entry point to the Mercedes brand There's just nothing that reminds you. Oh, this is a achieve mercy. Thanks. I mean, I'm it's just a really impressive overall package Totally disregarding the price point So I'm sure a lot of you are concerned about the pricing of this all-new 8th class because this is the most affordable Mercedes Benz you can get your hands on so that is a very intriguing thing So with that said the starting price for this model is at thirty two thousand five hundred dollars And that's for the front wheel drive model the all-wheel-drive system adds two grand to that So the one as equipped the 4matic system is thirty four thousand five hundred. Is it Speights price? Mmm-hmm Now there aren't any trim levels or anything, but you do have several packages as with any Mercedes Benz And we do have quite a few of them checked off so I'm gonna name them off real fast for you.

So Here according to the sticker. We have Mojave silver paint for 720 natural grain wood for 325 18-inch wheels, which is a five hundred dollar charge Garage door openers 280 blind spot monitoring five fifty the pre safe system for four hundred and five Sirius XM radio with a free trial period for four sixty heated front seats for five eighty sixty four interior color ambient lighting for three ten and inductive wireless charging for two hundred and the main package we have is the Premium Package and that is fifteen fifty and that Includes this nice display here As well as quite a few other things as well And then we also have the multimedia package for 1150 which adds in the navigation, right? They have an important navigation system, correct? And then there is a $995 destination charge So all told this Mercedes as equipped comes in at forty two thousand five hundred twenty five bucks Which does mean it has quite a few options on it about eight or nine thousand dollars of options But that is definitely not bad for a Mercedes Benz, especially as nice as this one. Yes Logos from features watching the first in-depth look at the 2019 mercedes-benz a-class Be sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven't already And we'll catch you next time as we sample more the latest automotive delicacies!.