/2017 Fall Update

2017 Fall Update

Video: 2017 Fall Update


Hello everyone 2017 – all year long we’ve been celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. And, the birthday theme continues because today, September 28th, SRV Canada VRS is celebrating its 1st birthday! Yayyy! Happy Birthday VRS! Happy Birthday to everyone! From the Technical Support Team, Happy Birthday SRV Canada VRS! Happy birthday SRV Canada VRS! Happy birthday SRV Canada VRS! The interpreter team wishes you a happy birthday SRV Canada VRS! Happy 1 year anniversary CAV! Congratulations! From everyone here at Convo, Happy Birthday Canada VRS! Happy birthday Canada VRS! What are we celebrating??? We’re celebrating one year of access to friends and family, to work, and to more opportunity.

Also, we’re celebrating one year of growth. Looking back to Sept 28th, 2016, who used VRS??? No one, but now one year later, almost 5,000 – of all ages, including Deaf children use VRS! Finally, we’re celebrating one year of greater equality for Deaf Canadians! This 1st year has been incredible, but I have one more thing to share with you… 24/7 means what? Beginning next week, Monday, October 2nd, SRV Canada VRS will be open 24 hours a day! Wow! Happy birthday everyone!.

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