/10 Useful Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 plus Tips w/ Tricks | Must Watch

10 Useful Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 plus Tips w/ Tricks | Must Watch

Video: 10 Useful Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 plus Tips w/ Tricks | Must Watch


hey what's up guys profit here finally we have the galaxy s 10 plus and I'm here with some tips and tricks to enhance your user experience with it I'm pretty sure you already know quite a few of them but if you come from any other Android device or iPhone this video will surely help you learn more about this device by the way these are some awesome wallpapers designed for the s10 hole-punch display I think it's really cool links are in the description if you want to try this out also I have a separate video coming up for the s10 camera tips and tricks so hit that like button subscribe for upcoming s10 videos and let's get started with this video starting with the homescreen swiping down on the home screen will take you to the app drawer so will swiping up but why not make it more functional so instead of launching the app drawer it would make more sense to draw the notification bar tap and hold on to the home screen go to home screen settings here you can choose your app layout grid sizes etc scroll down and here you can see enable quick open notification panel so enabling this will launch your notification panel when you swipe down on your home screen this makes single-handed use is more convenient again going on to the home screen settings if you enable lock home screen layout this will lock your apps on your home screen so that you cannot change its layout this feature is really useful if you're handing your phone to your kids so that they don't mess up your apps layout third is the landscape mode now you can turn your home screen into landscape mode if you wish to as autorotation does not change the home screen to landscape again this can be done from the home screen settings so go to the home screen settings scroll all the way down and enable rotate to landscape mode and there you have it moving on to Bixby home and the Bigsby button I'm pretty sure a lot of us might not use Bigsby so to disable Bixby home tap and hold the home screen swipe to the left and disable Bixby home and for the Bixby button we accidentally launched Bixby while trying to address the volume or while gaming but with the new update this button can be remapped go to settings advanced features and here you have Bigsby key what you can do is you can choose double press to open Bigsby this way a single press won't activate Bixby problem solved else you can have any of your favorite app to launch on single press so for example double press for Bigsby and single press for Instagram or you can only enable double press for Bigsby just in case if you want to avoid any action with a single press while on advanced features if you scroll down you have the option to reduce animations this will reduce the overall motion effects to give you a more smoother user experience below that you have 12 messenger basically this feature clones your social apps like whatsapp Facebook messenger so that you can simultaneously turn to accounts since this device supports dual sim dual messenger makes a lot of sense as you can have two whatsapp account or viber account on a single phone next up is dark mode with the 1 UI Samsung introduced the dark mode if you go to settings display here you can enable the night mode you can also do this from the notification panel toggles since the s10 has an AMOLED panel all the blacks on your display means the pixels are off hence adding up to your battery life and it's soothing to your eyes as well the whole UI goes dark from your notification panel to settings to apps talking about the edge screen panel the features are similar to previous Galaxy devices you can basically customize the edge lighting and the panels as per your preference same goes for the always-on display nothing's new here I will add the links in the description to my older videos just in case if you want to check that out while that display settings we also have full screen gestures under navigation bar you can enable full screen gestures to get more screen real estate instead of the navigation buttons you now navigate through gestures you can also enable touch sensitivity right from the display settings if you use screen protectors due to the curves on the edges the tempered glass might sometimes ruin the touch experience hence enabling this will make a smooth typing and interacting experience even with a screen protector a quick tip here is the new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor works with wet hands even if you have oil or moisturizer it works flawless next up is the built-in hardware checker if you type star has zero star hash on your dialer you get a built-in hardware checker just to check whether your device has any defect or not from dead pixels to sensors mic test speaker tests etc you can check them all without any software next up is recycle bin go to gallery hit the menu button and here you can see trash so just in case if you accidentally delete pictures you can restore it from here or it is it from trash to completely remove it well that was it for this video guys if you find any helpful tips useful tips please share through your comments I have a separate video on camera tips and tricks which is coming up shortly so stay tuned and I will catch you guys in the next one you.

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