/10 Things about the Kotlin Programming Language

10 Things about the Kotlin Programming Language

Video: 10 Things about the Kotlin Programming Language


Good afternoon Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the internet. I did some research on Kotlin and I am sharing my notes with you. I am going to speak briefly over each slide. If you need the full text from the slides, it will be linked in the description. No. 1 – What is Kotlin? This is a relatively new and open source language that is both object-oriented and functional with full Java interoperability No. 2 – Stack Overflow Survey On the last survey, Kotlin is ranked as the second most loved language. No. 3 – The Name The name comes from Kotlin Island located in Russia.

No. 4 – Pronunciation I pronounce it as Kotlin C-U-T-L-I-N but I am waiting for an official response from @kotlin on twitter No. 5 – Android Development It was announced as an official language on Android at I/O 2017 So now the official languages are Java, C++ and Kotlin No. 6 – Write less code Check out the blog post "Reducing code using kotlin" done by the Tripadvisor Engineering team. No. 7 – Scripting Kotlin can also be used as a scripting language No. 8 – Compiling Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode or JavaScript No. 9 – Some notable features Smart cast; Single expression functions; Inline methods; Extension functions; Null safety; Default arguments; No. 10 – Kotlin Conference This is an official developer event by JetBrains happening in October this year in Amsterdam 2nd thing before I end. This funny meme. And lastly, Will Kotlin replace Java? Is Java dead? I don't think so. They work together. Java has too big a footprint to be replaced quickly and easily. Thank you very much. Don't forget to like, share, comment and subscribe. Your support means better and more of these videos.

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