/【MUKBANG】 Using Neopan-Recipe To make “Iwate, Gunma & Kanagawa” Prefecture’s dishes, 2 Loaf 3976Kcal

【MUKBANG】 Using Neopan-Recipe To make “Iwate, Gunma & Kanagawa” Prefecture’s dishes, 2 Loaf 3976Kcal

Video: 【MUKBANG】 Using Neopan-Recipe To make “Iwate, Gunma & Kanagawa” Prefecture’s dishes, 2 Loaf 3976Kcal


Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (eng subs by ~Aphexx~ change font size+color+transparency via options menu) So, Today! tadaa. I'll be using this 'neosoft' and using a 'neo' bread recipe today these 'neopan' recipes were made by 47 of the "eating kings" in other words professionals in the food industry in collaboration with 'neosoft' created recipes using flavors and ingredients from all 47 prefectures to make recipes featuring flavors from all 47 prefectures in all there are 94 different types however today I'll be making 3 of them that I really want to eat alrighty lets get cookin' firstly lets make an Iwate prefecture beef "shabu" sandwich lets spread the 'neosoft' on the bread I totally want to stop and eat just this toast till it takes on a golden color take some beef loin meat and quickly dunk in boiling water and strain the water off it in a fry pan add the 'neosoft' and soy sauce heat on low and add the beef from earlier and mix thoroughly lay a piece of lettuce on the bread and top with meat looks OISHII top with the other piece of bread and its complete I've made 3 portions mix the 'neosoft half' with miso spread on bread mince onion cut bacon into thin strips fry the onion with sesame oil once it has begun to sweat add mirin and sugar on the bread spread the onion and bacon and cheese then spread some mayo bake till it takes on a golden color lastly I'll make some honey toast a la mode mix honey this time around I'll use an entire loaf spread it on the bread you might think this is too much but remember its 1 loaf I wanted to do an entire loaf but it looks like it won't fit in my toaster oven so I'll cut it in half okay these should fit now and toast till they take on a golden color its kinda cute how they're different sizes huh ok they look so OISHII don't they? and once they're ready put some pudding in the middle and top wth whipped cream and decorate with chervil tadaa they're complete they look so OISHII itadakimasu lets start with Iwate pref.

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beef sandwich a sandwich filled with beef is so extravagant the beef sandwich is very OISHII but the 'neosoft' really evens out the flavor nicely here's a sandwich I didn't cut in half I guess you guys can't see whats inside there!!!! doesn't it look so OISHII its flavored with soy sauce lending it that perfect sweet and salty flavor the soy sauce, beef and 'neosoft' combine together nicely next up is some onion and miso cheese bread its using my favorites, cheese, bacon and my #BFFMayo on it the miso and mayo has such a depth of flavor and the neosoft really gives it that extra layer of flavor and the salty bacon in here is so great there's also so much onion in here this was amazingly OISHII the marriage of onion, cheese, mayo and miso was the best I felt that if you were going to use a lot of onion then you really should go all out and use a tonne of onion on this and since we sauteed the onion it became so sweet and OISHII tadaa, last up is this honey toast a la mode sweets are bae this is my first time ever making honey toast using an entire loaf I love honey toast the combination of honey toast and the caramel on this pudding is the best and its got so much whipped cream on it making it so good with all this cream and pudding covering this it makes the crust easy to eat as well the pudding takes on a custardy profile little kids would probably go crazy for this the neosoft just melts into the bread making it so darn yummy if it was just honey and pudding this might be too sweet but with this neosoft it strikes the right balance final mouthful itadakimasu GOCHISOSAMADESHITA they were totes OISHII neosoft isn't used just to be spread on bread but it can be used to give things that extra depth of flavor this really surprised me and for all 3 of these recipes they absolutely made a difference to the overall flavor neosoft is pretty easy to use for cooking and out of the 3 things I ate today I think the onion miso cheese bread was the tastiest it really was the dark horse in today's race having it packed with all those onions was wonderful everything was so OISHII won't you all give it a try all 47 pref of Japan are represented in neosoft's recipe book so please check it out on their website I wonder what your prefecture's representative recipe is? and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI.

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