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हिंदी – How to make a portfolio of stocks

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Hello investors, my name is Sagar and in this video, I will explain how to make a portfolio of stocks we will talk about topics such as sectors and how many stocks should you own At the end, I will also explain how I make portfolios for my clients and myself I would like to start by saying thank you for 25 000 Subscribers as this channel is growing thanks to your support Now, let's see how fast can we pass 50 000 Subscribers I've heard many times that many advisers suggest to invest 10 %of your portfolio in risky stocks This means that you can either lose money or make great returns I never understood this advice and I don't suggest it to anyone. Let me explain why Once you have done your research (this maybe from books , my course , articles ) and you decide to invest in any particular stock, there will always be some risk which you can't control Maybe the Government introduces some new policy, the Government itself changes or maybe we have a stock market crash Basicallly, there will always be some risk.

In that case, why do you want to put 10 % in riskier situations ? I never understood this I always say that you don't need to take additional risk to get better results Your goal with any investment is to take the lowest risk possible and maximize your returns Stock market is not a good place to gamble so please be careful with your investments I always get asked if you should invest in large caps , mid caps and small caps The answer is very simple. You should focus on quality and not quantity When you analyze any stock , you just need to check three things : management , business and valuation When you find any stock which passes these three criterias, you don't need to see the size of the company , you only need to check their price I usually don't invest in large caps, I invest more in mid and small caps. That's simply because I find them cheaper You might have heard that if you invest in large caps, you will get sable market returns. This is not true either and let me show you some examples Nifty has given you 71 % returns in the last five years but if you take a company like Titan ( I will link a video I made on it ) Titan has given more 300 % returns in the last 5 years.

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This shows you that they are large caps over performing the index as well As always, there is also the downside of this. A company like Tata motors has given negative 50 % return in the last five years Compared to positive 71 % return from the nifty This goes to show that large caps are not stable all the time. You just want to focus on the management , business and price The last point is : how to make an actual portfolio. How many stocks should you own and in which sectors should you invest? The answer is very simple: just invest according to your personality. Let me explain what this means I usually invest in 4 or 5 stocks and I feel very comfortable with them But maybe, if you invest all your money in just 4 stocks, you don't feel comfortable enough and you can't sleep well In that case, you can own 8 – 10 stocks. I would suggest you not to own more than 10 stocks and there is a reason behind it If you invest in 10 companies, you will also need to track them. You will have to read international news as well because it can affect your company directly. Secondly, you will have to read their quarter results just so you can see if the company is performing well or not.

So, if you invest in ten companies and you have four quarter results per company, that means you will have to read forty quarter results but if you invest in four or 5 companies like me, your job gets easier And the last point is regarding the sectors. In which sectors should we invest . This depends on how would you like to make your portfolio. Let's imagine you want to make a portfolio where you don't need to track daily. How to do that? We all know that in 2022 or 2023 , people will still use soaps , detergents , toothpaste and buy food In that case, you can invest in companies such as Hindustan Unilever or Colgate. This is not a recommendation but I just want to give ideas but let's say you have more time and you can study more about many companies.

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In that case, you can also take a look at cyclical companies I'm not saying that you should invest in them but if you do have extra time, you can make a portfolio according to it You might have read how sugar companies are performing well due to minimum support price, then you can start reading about these companies You need to adjust your portfolio according to the time you can spend on it Let me explain how I made my portfolio just so you can understand this better If you watch my analysis videos on every Monday, you will always see one comment which is : " Make a video where you actually invest in the company " Today I will answer why I never invest in many companies. My investing approach is very simple. I don't want to own many stocks in my portfolio because it's very hard to track them. and if I find something I like, I will invest heavily in that company. This is simply because there are many companies that I don't understand. If I do understand any , probably it won't be trading at a cheap price and that's why I if I do find something interesting, I invest heavily Maybe I invest 15 – 20 % of my portfolio just in one stock.

This means, at any time, I will just have four or five stocks in my portfolio You might have already seen my portfolio video where I share my three stocks. I have two in US and that's my entire portfolio . So please don't ask me in comments to tell you which companies have I invested in or some new stock recommendations because that's not the way I invest in the stock market I want to say something which is very important for all the viewers When you watch and news channel, you will always see something like " Stock pick of the day " or "Stock recommendation " or when you read any blog, they share with you the "Stock pick of the day " You can see my high energy level but that's because this topic is very important When you look at stock recommendations, they will give you more than hundred recommendations The majority of them will perform badly and only ten or twenty will do well but nobody will tell you the truth and they will just the good performing stocks as examples they won't mention the ninety stocks which perform badly So, you took extra risk and you didn't even make money at the end you did get excited as you were investing in so many companies and maybe one or two performed very well but you won't make money at the end as the majority of the picks were bad already I never understood this process.

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If you look at my portfolio, I just had four stocks and I can tell you about them I had four stocks in my portfolio. Repco Home finance, which I sold for 9 – 10 % returns Everest Industries is up 10 – 15 % . Manappuram finance is up 50- 60 % Rain Industries is negative 10 – 15 % but at least I'm sharing my whole portfolio and telling what's happening. And if you check the overall performance, it's still beating Nifty and Sensex These are new stocks as I have already mentioned them before. At least, I'm not telling you hundred stocks, out of which , ninety will perform badly and only ten of them will perform well The worst thing is that they take advantage of this and they offer your services where they will share stock picks every month That's not logical because there are times when I'm not able to find anything new In the past 2-3 months , I didn't find anything good and that's normal When I find something interesting, I will invest but now you know how I make my portfolio don't forget to subscribe to see more videos.