/Установка Google Камера на Xiaomi Mi A1 с Android 9 Pie – детальная инструкция!

Установка Google Камера на Xiaomi Mi A1 с Android 9 Pie – детальная инструкция!

Video: Установка Google Камера на Xiaomi Mi A1 с Android 9 Pie – детальная инструкция!


Hello everyone in the comments under review on Android 9 Mi A1 enough people asked for instructions on how to install Google camera on Mi A1 9 Android. And I decided to make this video but you first need to It was all thoroughly tested. and here I killed half a day on the Google Camera to activate all the old ways which are described on 4PDA and other niche sites, but no way to simply did not work and in the end I decided to score on this idea because it just did not work but yesterday I decided to try again and know that I could find a running English-language instruction in the forum yet the problem was that the article is completely in English this is a big barrier for some people Second This article is intended for advanced users enough and many types of man, and so you know how to do So I decided to adapt this method in the Russian language I wrote a fairly large manual with detailed a reference to the steps that you can find in the description a video I've tried all the way twice works well With it we have activated the stone How to make the most Google Camera and electronic stabilization but this method and also minus 1 It completely erases all data settings So you have to back up important data A second minus the time required to activate the superuser through magisk nevertheless root-right photo can be fully remove and receive future updates Air Before we start all actions that created exclusively for educational purposes having no one else shall not be liable for your device if something goes wrong, we all the action is at your own risk and I hope that you it is understood in general, I have tried to make the instructions It is clear enough for any man has become almost every step if you try to install Google camera to your Mi A1 advise to use at the same time as text Diet Business For greater clarity, Well, in general, let's begin to install Google Camera Lessons section of the phone system and are looking for the item number of the assembly click on it to play 7 And thus we activate Developer settings step back move and additional settings for developers here We find a tab as a factory unlock Activate slightly below descend on debugging function USB and also activate then pass setting protection and the location and the phone lock is a must do not forget to please further disconnect the phone from the computer and connect re now turn setting the USB connection and we look for the item activate it thus set phone drivers on the computer then run the program it which can be found at the link description video and download all the necessary files to do this Video drivers everywhere activate push to find and install driver on your computer then disconnect the phone from the computer and connects now at this time we do not You need to give data transfer USB settings And you need to leave everything as it is and not to touch anything that was without transmission of video files you will find a zip-archive which Eminem called, we need to extract all the C drive and name this folder and do a video on how to seek Alisher empty space in the folder and right click click on an empty space.

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Open window powershell good people here, we will continue to drive forth the necessary commands copy the first team motto as shown in a text document and paste move command and press Enter to have the window for debugging USB in the phone press always allow tab and then enter the command again, and press OK so It is shown on the screen after this action the computer address and completely switch off the phone and press the power key Now turn off We need to go into the lower mode the volume keys turn the computer power button to a folder on the C drive is an empty place we press the button Shift and right mouse button turns the powershell window is now We go to text cop copy command fastboot OEM Unlock copied go to the powershell window insert and press Enter the phone unlock bootloader after this phone will reboot and will erase all data not forget make a backup of all important documents here we post crash will have to wait a bit now we set up the phone again but skip all vayfay skip to save time, disable forces and set up the defense of waiting Go to home screen after we set up the phone from the phone and re-activate the settings click Developer 7 times on the build number in addition to the developers that our factory unlock activated and go below and then turn on USB debugging fish laying on USB worked as a proofreader for this will have to pull out and insert the wire several times until the phone until we have a window pops up and re-laying Solved tab from the computer and go further to go activate windows powershell window where the phone 9 works include wi-fi and move the browser Chrome Bot jysk seek it disable geolocation go to the website manager of Magic he go to Disabling the translation so that it no longer bothered and we get down to the moment until we find cuffs file before that we would download download manager, but it is it recently, we need a bit more looking for this line download magisk 18.

0 or more, depending on that when you are watching this video may download Chrome files of what it ends and we go to create the next item on the desktop can called YouTube and that goes along with the files for this Turn off the video is a smartphone but do not forget to turn off cable from the computer then go to the mode again To do this we press the down volume key on the key power sensor with Android phones now connect Here to insert yusb and go to the folder with the file twrp powershell Here you click the right mouse button in the window powershell and now we need to carry on with the name Transbud twrp our text documents that I prepared paste and press the Enter key a little further wait everything is accelerated entry does not pass 5W not vayfay from left to right to go to the menu, press the keys or table we are looking for our zip-file We stayed and find madzhiska version 18. click on it and then swipe again from left to right to set the waiting process installation finished recording, we finished with the installation and click on reboot System keys are pressed at her place wp download something and refuse to click on phone reboot System we rebooted and will need to wait a little bit I congratulate you, we are almost at the finish direct all the most complex behind go in the browser Chrome and go to the website now we need to download APK file manager for this page looking for Skyrim item click on the download icon to download press wait until we downloaded the application should be allowed to confirm installation of apps from unknown sources settings must take a step back and groove application We go to the application menu and check to be installed open it means that it works before we are all done Daddy right back and turn window powershell copy any document ADB Shell command insert and press Enter to return text teams with super user to insert and press Enter cat request super-cat time is limited therefore provide as soon as possible then simply leave one by one all the teams which are recorded in the document do it gently strongly nothing missing Exiting disable phone from the computer and restart it to phone us Reboot and now when we activated We congratulate activated camera2api electronic stability Xiaomi mi1 for download programs to make sure that we that we have done everything depends on what we've done everything correctly Ur is download the appropriate camera mode Google for Mi A1 Mrs.

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references in the document and in the description below the video We go to the correct site right swing mode Google Camera waiting'll be getting a lot of lecture weighs 80 megabytes set Google open the camera and give Ash traversed resolution push hockey and Valya camera run Ur we made ourselves all right and now we can enjoy Google that comes portrait camera we did not fly and video settings here even has a night mode to me have told, we did everything correctly do not run on the Google Camera joy Now you need to remove RUTH right so go looking on the main screen the removal item click on it and confirm complete removal After that we take the necessary reboot command not to touch anything you need check that the phone has been connected to the computer Daddy squeeze back the right mouse button go powershell window of the copy command to copy the reboot Bootloader Boot and insert and press the Enter key and the phone so moved in fastbut mode and is now much less than not to miss this point because otherwise all we before do be wasted copy command fastboot OEM Unlock squeeze volume keys on the phone clamped and paste command in powershell window press release the vessel does not wait until phone quickly reboot a couple of seconds, and release Volume key how much you need to clamp Otherwise we lose all the data and all that before we did will Made in blank enter the command fastboot reboot the phone check the presence of a strong root access on your phone download I go in the program Root Checker software push to verify that you see root-rights we have what we have done well the right to remove your phone in the Google camera check its performance It works all right to the right to remove from Google Camera stayed Here I can Like and subscribe for a fruitful work if we have activated camera2api check all is well system update if you do not pop up errors.

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The air we actively are no errors All super general on All this I understand that at first glance looks is quite difficult to understand but if it becomes everything is clear to all actions by following instructions to do everything very carefully take about half an hour I tested St1m goose how that works It simply must be the same bumper works on this site The only problem I encountered bad works selfie video camera details are not very clear but maybe it cant dark version of the Google camera which established we are the future, it can improve should view Google Camera on Mi A1 Pixel 2 we look the fact how strong Google allows the camera phone 10,000 for a flagship smartphone from Google So if you're interested be sure to subscribe to the channel and have not yet signed and live a thumbs up if this video was but me on it all if you want to get more details can subscribe to my channel telegrams which I recently wound up reference description for a long time training Thank you very much to watch this video until the end, I tried to enough to remove all clear that anyone wants try Google camera could do is see you The following video all the luck while all.