/ТОП 8 лучших Telegram-ботов

ТОП 8 лучших Telegram-ботов

Video: ТОП 8 лучших Telegram-ботов


Hello! This video is on the Comfy channel. My name is Sasha. Today we will talk about Telegram. Again! But there will be a very useful release. The last few weeks around Telegram is spinning a lot of questions and different discussions. I wonder why? We decided to keep up with the trends and made the Top 8 Telegram-bots, which are interesting, useful and some of them are specially localized for us. But while we did not go further I recommend you subscribe to the Comfy Telegram channel. There is a reference in the description. So, the first one is the RailwayBot. This is a bot for selecting tickets for trains. Choose a city and departure station, then the point of arrival and the desired date. After that, the bot will offer you available options.

And in the issue you see what types of compounds are available, how many and which places are there. You can immediately go to the link and buy tickets. You can set monitoring and search by narrow queries. Such as class seats, desired time and so on. Convenient if you want to go somewhere on specific dates, but so far there are no tickets. The service will monitor the possible appearance of available. The second bot is also very useful. It is called City Guide. He will find the key requests of the organization, shopping centers, shops and other facilities. It is necessary in order that without having third-party applications, using only Telegram, orient and learn the most necessary information, as an address, phone numbers, working hours and so on. Several large cities of Ukraine are supported. The third bot for fans to watch movies, serials, sometimes play games. It's Kinoman: movies and serials.

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You simply enter the name of what you want to find and get all the necessary information about the picture. Also, you can immediately go to the services for viewing, both paid and free. Naturally, I recommend using legal paid services. Another bot can tell randomly what to see. From the issue, choose the best rating, read a short description and go ahead – look. The fourth bot is useful as time to those who lead the Telegram channels. It's called the Controller Bot. Here you can get statistics about your channel. And, as for the week, and for the month. You can create pending publications and steeply draw up posts, adding stickers, photos, audio messages, reactions of visitors and even comments. Useful for those who do not have a regular text editor in Telegram. The fifth bot will help those who right now do not know what to do. I want to go somewhere, to see something.

It is called Unexplored City. Shows you the nearest interesting objects to you, to which you can build walking trails. And it does this on the basis of geolocation. So wherever you are, you will always know what to do with yourself. To each location you can see a list of additional items, read the photo and other information. The sixth bot for those who want to relax. It's called a Cocktail bot. He will tell you the recipe of a cocktail and under the mood. There are a lot of them and there are not only alcoholic drinks. The seventh bot for me is actually a find, because I was looking for such a service for a long time. It's called Where Am I? Very simple and convenient bot, which according to your location instantly sends a photo from the satellite with your location and the exact coordinates.

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Convenient when someone needs someone quickly explain where you are going. At me constantly so. We choose some new bath, to come with the boys and half can not understand how to get there. I arrive first, I click send to geolocation and everyone sees right away with the picture, where go. And the eighth bot will help not miss the new series of favorite TV shows. It is called the Swatcher-bot and its main task is to tell you, when new series are released. You just enter the name of your TV shows and everything, messages will fly right into the messenger. Naturally, bots in Telegram are very many of them just hundreds, but I selected really the most interesting in my opinion and also useful. I remind you that references to all bots are in the description. You just go, click on them, they open with you in Telegram and enjoy it.

Write in the comments those bots that you use. Perhaps there are other useful ones that I missed. Do not forget to subscribe to the Comfy channel in Telegram. Subscribe also to our YouTube channel. Put your finger up 👍 this video, and also look at our channel Top 5 video editors for Android and iOS. And TOP-7 games for smartphones.