/Полный обзор Android 9 Pie на Xiaomi Mi A1: баги и сравнение с Google Pixel

Полный обзор Android 9 Pie на Xiaomi Mi A1: баги и сравнение с Google Pixel

Video: Полный обзор Android 9 Pie на Xiaomi Mi A1: баги и сравнение с Google Pixel


Hello everyone I'm writing this video December 23 And I almost 2 weeks of waiting until I fall out the possibility Xiaomi to record video has finally released Android 9.0 on your the first Android One Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 as I said I was waiting for Practical 2 weeks to record this video because that the first message that Mi A1 gets Android 9 went Asian I almost every day to check for updates but nothing came, but today I finally received on 9 Android Mi A1, in general, I will show all the new chips 9 Android and compare our naked Android A1 to E with the naked Pixel 2 android because there actually have a small differences to preface enough let's start The general plan of this video is now there is a difference of Android on the main Pixel 2 and Android head that we presented not one Mi A1 innovation side and the weather as well as Search below if you press and go to Google Calendar If we press on the weather.

Let us now look at the weather can present additional data for tomorrow or the 10-day bottom we can not be removed so that the setting, press fingers and hold the setup menu a bit off event Calendar information is traffic information will appear at the place where he is I can say from my own experience that the event from Google because of the added just well as all the information for flights Well I have six months It has never been selishte that we have the new settings a little later as well as offer suggestions application and action is also necessary for the old when we go to the application menu with us here is a list of some of the alleged Android thinks that we like but here is not here but look like there such acts are allegedly A1 Android on Pixel 2 is a feature I had literally 15 minutes later here I am with the phone It does not work the next navigation old we had to her one on the left bottom of the multi-tasking home And back we have many know that it is not to go System settings gestures main screen will activate the button and we Oh God appears here such here we work will not and make it Yes I not to laugh but I smiled because I certainly do not like Kolhoznaya to tell you the camera this may not be seen but when It uses the phone even though they do not work and thus we see the key button actually do not really show all works and since then it works is not yet known once pass multitasking applications go to the menu press 1 day come home come home, she only when you need to go in the application menu has 4 times today once we have going on if the course will What use navigation model that is still available and gestures except multitasking call from the list Applications menu you need to do to move between two applications running on the Google Calendar example Google Play Market to move quickly between running applications is not enough to let desktop screen once to work on the original icon appears if we do we do not have a virtual turn navigation you need to go one-touch mode will activate one-touch mode check It works if we turn this setting operation screen Yes, and look, it appears the criminals castrated Android to use virtual buttons then we will to really use all the possibilities of Android This It functions as I say very handy a couple of times a day for sure you use Although already mentioned specifically this model smartphones in the call menu applications multitasking button back selishte blind so here's a way we just look at the change here We have here a more turquoise No more we We can not come because I switch clamp the menu has changed in the cakes we have lost the settings icon SMS at once to go to the settings you need now twice is now used to control tooth when we controls the sound to change the sound notifications changing the sound of multimedia viewing videos and music and notice we come to the usual settings If change the volume of the volume of the ringtone, we changed the volume of music video games on Android, we can only completely silent mode back into mode will work notification sound How can you quickly go in silent mode without pressing the volume key just press the power button and the upper keys volume only in vibration mode Well, as I have I showed to quickly jump to a setting press the volume key 3 will come in settings also we changed the application opens directly from the notification animation MTS TV picture Here she come if we look ABS has to see the picture once it did not immediately say Telegram in all applications we use This is seemingly still is not working as well as notification at their discretion make a screenshot on a pressed ninth Androide Nomi 12 is to make a screenshot is a push to change, but no photo editor Of course we can also change the size of the picture but draw something already can not of course very strange app called Nine on UMI A1 Androide it is not replaced but is already another Google Google Files app can be downloaded Play Store but here she was ashamed of the system levels Google Android to get rid of the application Now supplement which is not It's just we have a To make it work day to accurately connect headphones without them we find a radio station contest they can change the use of benching Can I fix without headphones will not work of course, we can already headphones listen if you have activated the speaker Here But if we try and the same radio pineapple will just fizzle market here simply sizzles all the radio does not work of course the pain and sad, however, some applications you can listen to conventional radio are the music for a very rejoice interesting Android on Android have also appeared dark theme, but what was the fundamental difference we could not choose their own announcement dependent on, depending of you a theme menu here I am now completely white let's move on and setup As you can see we have changed We, too, is the setting for such proposal or Remind battery or earlier on a flat Hysteria they also become less changed settings structure 71 is now working system analyzes What applications consume too much energy in the background completely restrict applications work in the background thus extend the life of your phone, but less than you you can stop receiving notification programs because they will simply cut down the work she met in the settings as tied with artificial intelligence such as an adaptive brightness how it works I disconnected for some reason, Auto-Brightness works but how it works If we say if I want to setup a little bit more and every time when I go into the settings there will be little more than a dark general level system the more it irritates always I want to do it but there is a choice of either a turn off for some reason I would recommend to disable the adaptive brightness on Mi A1 everything is simple sensor which is responsible for the Auto-Brightness I have one it is awful if the cost of the phone enough dark after 5 seconds if it also brightness screen is already in the old regulated brightness on Android called digital press wellbeing to him that we are here we can see that we use phone during the day Which applications open as we notice comes we can also install and certain applications for example, I can put put a timer now works for me YouTube per day and more applications I can not open the configuration how we Remind that there is a function of both You can be included here so that's how it works phone we come in black and white and all the colors price to pay thus developers Android This will help quickly go to settings Do Not Disturb mode, before we had to remind mode Only alarm or silence is the only Do Not Disturb setting here we can adjust which will work we will have to work the rest there will be no live Eugene that we can fully We turn off notifications are shown will sound from them is not completely they will not even Do Not Disturb mode displayed we can adjust determined by an independent contact on working mode Do Not Disturb does not work calls from them, you always such mothers will come close, etc.

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if you add a contact So you can also include Do Not Disturb mode when sleep will disturb comes home from work tired and showing that admissible Port 21 bother me at all will be automatically included This mode ninth Androide we have such an opportunity Where the analogy we can call a special button and we Let's turn on can call and confirm nothing happened and how did it and I'll tell you it appears Only if we activate a virtual button turn in tin ABS virtual man button click it Power to make a screenshot of one-click button take a screenshot, we get only button you will not be able to call you a man if he is badly needed you'll have to put up with the phone I can not say that it works faster than bright enough but Android is clearly not worse than it is nevertheless the use of fill already I put some bugs where we did not work challenge Applications menu, or did not work onscreen buttons had to wait a second error occurs 1C soon often it is only correct in the next update If you do not want to is on the finger showed'll have wait until we have the next update on Android Power saving mode on top and bottom and disappeared animation course, much nicer and preserved animation but we have reduced this background activity But as well it all on to keep our energy phone longer summarize our Android very much like the fact that everything will be fine here as certainly not something that we can not take a screenshot and immediately edit it necessary to pass draw someone send certainly unpleasant Overall That's all congratulate finally received update Android it occurred before December Thank you watched this video It will be recommendations only through well, and I that's all, and as usual all the luck while all.

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